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I was born in the tranquil Suffolk town of Ipswich, where I grew up in a dysfunctional family with my younger sister, mother, and father. My sister left home at the tender age of 15, hoping to find happiness and a sense of belonging with our church-going aunt. Soon after, I followed suit, harboring no intention of communicating with my parents, sister, or any of my relatives, not out of spite but because I had no interest in doing so. This led me down a path of being a lost soul, even well into my thirties.

My first job was as a data entry clerk at 17, which, though I was grateful for, made me realize that working in an office was not for me. It felt dull and suffocating, so I left to become a car cleaner, a job that made me happier, even though it was not what I aspired to. I took on various other jobs, including a roofer, steel erector (which I loathed due to the winters), and even tried my hand at salesmanship, which was the first time I entertained the notion of having a positive mindset.

However, this realization brought me face-to-face with the stark reality that I carried an immense amount of negative baggage. I lacked confidence, shied away from challenges, harbored a lot of resentment due to my upbringing, and had many other issues. Reading books like "Think and Grow Rich" helped me develop a positive mindset, but much of the information in it went over my head due to how lost I was.

Eventually Good Sense Kicked In!

What Do I Want To Create In My Life?

I knew that I did not want to work a 9-5 job, as I witnessed my partner Carol work long hours with very little reward. I was content to work towards my dreams while helping others achieve theirs, but not through the grind of a 9-5 job. I did not want to work all the hours God sends for a 4-figure income, but I was willing to learn how to work smarter to receive a five, 6, or 7-figure monthly income to have more time with family, friends, and life.

In my late thirties, I began to aspire to be a better human being and think about success. I realized that I could have the home of my dreams if I worked hard enough and had the beautiful, modern nomadic lifestyle that I desired. But success would be incomplete without a family, and I needed to repair mine first. I had not had children until this point because I felt I had nothing of value to offer them, and I wanted to be a source of inspiration to them.

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Family First!

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After nearly twenty years of not speaking to my family, I contacted my parents first with the hope of reconciliation, and we were able to mend fences. Although they live an hour away from me, I speak to them every day and see them once a fortnight. The joy and laughter that we share are priceless.

My sister is now married to a great husband and lives in the USA. We speak every week, and she is my best friend. My life was getting better, but I still had deep-rooted issues that made me unhappy, anxious, and suffering from high blood pressure and asthma, which were not conducive to being a successful salesman or entrepreneur. Thus, I became a taxi driver, which gave me more freedom, but I could not make enough money to enjoy my new life.

Time To Learn And Grow...

I have come to realize that I derive great joy from working amidst the serenity of nature or in the cozy ambience of a coffee shop. These spaces offer the perfect atmosphere for me to unleash my creativity and bask in the bliss of work.

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Above All LearnTo Love Your Work!

My desire to lead a life free from the constraints of a rigid work schedule has led me to seek out business opportunities with the potential for passive income. In my quest, I have identified several tools that are currently missing from my toolbox, making it essential for me to find suitable mentors or supporters.


Smart Work Ethics!

After much contemplation and hours spent scouring the internet, I discovered numerous individuals who have leveraged the power of online marketing to generate six, seven, and even eight figures while working fewer hours than I did in a day. With this in mind, I narrowed down my options to franchises, online trading, and online marketing, with the latter emerging as the winner.One name that stood out to me in the online marketing space was Stuart Ross, a well-known and experienced veteran in this field. His authenticity and expertise in all aspects of online marketing instantly impressed me, making him the perfect mentor for me.

As a first step, I invested in one of Stuart's courses to test the waters and see if it aligned with my personality and goals. The knowledge I gained was nothing short of amazing, prompting me to invest more time and resources into building my skillset and actualizing my aspirations.

During my journey, I came across a story that Stuart often shares from his early days when he invested his hard-earned money into his education. His mentor asked him a question that proved to be a turning point in his career: "What are your goals?" Despite initially stating the usual goals, his mentor probed further, challenging him to think beyond himself. It was then that his Mentor said "People Who Fail In Affiliate Marketing Are Me-Centric Individuals". 

This was just the first of many golden nuggets I discovered on my path to success.

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With my ambassadorship of the incredible Launch You ecosystem, I am here to empower, educate, and support you in achieving your version of success with our proven online business blueprint that, if followed, will make your success in life and business inevitable.


I am a proud ambassador of Launch You, and our vision for you, a powerful creator, is to construct your own reality; a life by your own design where you can reside in a place of flow and purpose, making a living not just by what you do but as a byproduct of the positive impact your work has on the lives of others.


"I like to imagine a time where every person makes a living doing something they truly love".


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